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I'm a 3rd Year Computer Engineering student at the University of Toronto. I've got a passion for technology and most subjects in the STEM field. I have experience with data structures and algroithms, debugging, optimization and I have experience working in software teams. I started learning programming and hardware in 2015, and I've been working with computers ever since. In my free time (what's that?), I enjoy playing basketball, practicing playing the guitar and making video games.

05+ Years
10+ Projects
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My technical level

Technical Skills


Software Renderer, ComeNGo GIS, MoodLights


Server & Client, minimax, Terminator on DE1-SoC


Research (MEDCVR), Video Games


HERON CLI, SHA256, Compression


School Projects

ARM Assembly

School projects


I wonder how this website was made...




Unity 3D

Research (MEDCVR), Video Games


MATLAB isn't an actual programming language


How does one write C without valgrind??

Blender 3D

Animations, 3D Modelling

Adobe Cloud

Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro


My personal "journey"

Electrical & Computer Engineering - B.Eng.

University of Toronto
2019 - Present

High School Diploma - OSSD

ISNA Highschool
2015 - 2019

Research Assistant

Medical Computer Vision & Robotics
July 2021 - Present

Software Developer & Researcher

UofT Aerospace Team
June 2021 - Present

VIA Rail Website Redesign

Left Turn Right Turn
Jan 2020 - Apr 2020

Toronto Island Flood Barriers Redesign

University of Toronto
Sept 2019 - Dec 2020

Graphic Designer

Brotherhood Softball League
May 2019 - Dec 2019

Computer Technician

Green IT
2015 - 2018


Most recent work

Surgical Simulator

Part of my research @ UofT with MEDCVR. Using the Material Point Method to simulate softbodies, we are working on a simulation in Unity that will allow surgeons to simulate surgeries.

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3D Software Renderer

This is a software renderer pipelined entirely in the CPU that can render meshes in the Windows console. This does not use any graphics APIs, and is built from the ground up using linear algebra.

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My team and I built a Geographic Information System (something similar to Google Maps) from the ground up. I used the A* algorithm to find the fastest route for travellers, and I used a variation of a greedy algorithm to find an adequate solution to the travelling salesman problem.

Some other work

Mood Lights
Smart Lamp

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Mood Lights - A smart lamp

Our winning project, Mood Lights, is a smart Light-controlled Mood Ambient Device that is designed to reduce stress by using light patterns. It has different modes including weather mode, relaxing animations, notifications, etc. It allows you to control it by using Google Home's Voice Commands.

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(Game & AI)

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Reversi (Game and AI)

Reversi is a classic board game played on an 8x8 board. I used many different types of data structures to store game data and I used recursion and other techniques to calculate game states and legal moves. I also used the minimax algorithm with alpha-beta pruning to choose the best possible move based on a set of heuristic measures.

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Terminator on a

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Terminator on a DE1-SoC FPGA

We created a game inspired by The Terminator by writing to the pixel buffer on a DE1-SoC. Users input their commands via the PS/2 controller.

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The rest of my recent work & contributions can be found on my Github

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Toronto ON, Canada